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Shooty Tonight! Dec. 18th, 2006 @ 04:31 pm
As the feast of yule closes in with it's promises of family dinners, TVand not very much shooty I propose we assemble, voltron-like into themighty-if-somewhat-squiffy entity that is Team Spleen and engage insome festive digitised carnaged. Deck the halls with PAC innards!

From 7pm. Teamspeak encouraged, even if you don't have a microphone.Out-of-game chatting can be had in #pandemonium on netgoth.org.uk irc.

catch you later!
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Monday night shooty Dec. 11th, 2006 @ 03:50 pm
Shooty tonight from whenever people start . The game, as usual, is Battlefield 2142.

As a suggestion for initial gathering point the irc client of your choice at netgoth.org.uk #pandemonium. I should be in there even if no-one else is.

Join us!
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Monday Night Shooty. Dec. 4th, 2006 @ 10:58 am
Shooty tonight from whenever people start (I'll be home at 8:30-ish). The game, as usual, is Battlefield 2142.

As a suggestion for initial gathering point the irc client of your choice at netgoth.org.uk #pandemonium. I should be in there even if no-one else is.

Details for Teamspeak and so-on can be got from any of the regulars.

Hope to see people there.

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This is your Eight Hour Warning: Monday Night Gaming Mar. 14th, 2004 @ 08:23 pm
Gather in #pandemonium netgoth.org.uk irc for around 7:00pm and we'll get down to
some shooty.

All other relevant details here: http://pandemonium.reflections.org.uk

Who's up for it?

I'll be there
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More pandemonium site stuff: Mar. 11th, 2004 @ 03:19 pm
Okay I've converted the site over to CSS rather than frames and altered the style slightly. I'm quite pleased with the way it looks and works atm. You can look at it here: http://pandemonium.reflections.org.uk. Let me know if it's broken in any browsers and I'll see what I can do to fix it.

The old site is here http://pandemonium.reflections.org.uk/oldpanda/

If anyone would like to tell me how to establish a secure members area without having to use funky sql or anything I'd be much appreciative. Essentially I want a password proctected, secure area of the site which has a post form for members ICQ, email etc and a resources page which has other secure information (address of our teamspeak server with password for a start).

(note for deliberateblank and grahamb this doesn't mean I've given up on the Sql/php thing, I'm still considering it as an end result for pandemonium).
Other entries
» Pandemonium changes current and upcoming
In the interests of accuracy I have created a new channel on
netgoth.org.uk IRC: #pandemonium . It seems more apt as we frequently
play DC rather than counterstrike. I'll maintain counterstrike anyway
as people may want to use it for, uh, gathering to play counterstrike.

Currently working on cahnging round the site to make it more
updateable too. Any more suggestions? I might be able to add a members
area for ICQ details etc.
» Monday Night Gaming 08/03/04
Gather in #Counterstrike on netgoth.org.uk IRC from 7:00pm for this
weeks installment of pixilated violence. Most likely we will be
playing Desert Combat and/or Counterstrike.

All the info on the various applications and programs you might
require is here:


Hope to see you there.

» This is your 7 hour warning: Monday Night Gaming
Well 7 hours 10 minutes, but whose counting?

Okay you all know the score by now, but in case any of the lurkers
want to join in:

At 7:00pm this evening, direct the IRC client of your choice at:
netgoth.org.uk and thence to #counterstrike where we will be gathering
as preparation for the ensuing digital massacre.

Once everyone (or a fair proportion of everyone) has arrived we'll get
going. We'll most likely play Desert Combat unless there are people
who can't, in which case it'll most likely be counterstrike.

I endevour to keep the ip address of the server in the topic of the
channel. If you can't find it, ask and someone will tell you as soon
as they can. They may setting the enemy up the bomb at the time, so be

Join us on teamspeak:

Teamspeak server is at:
Password: vent

All further details on the bits and pices you need to play are here:

That's about it, hope to see you this evening.
» Tonight
Anyone up for games of any description this evening?

Currently I have UT2004 to test out or Desert Combat eXtended not to
mention the obvious DC, CS 1.5, BF1942 and friends.

Anyone up for a round or seven of pixilated violence.

» Xfire Gaming Util and Monday Night Gaming
One of the frequent problems we have with monday night gaming is
getting everyone onto the same server before it fills up.
Traditionally you need to copy the ip address and name into the IRC
channel which is, for a few of us, on a different PC and for tne rest
is inaccesible while playing the game.



I'm signed in as GreyArea

You simply click on the name of someone who is already playing and
it'll connect you straight away. No fuss.

Looks really quite funky

Monday Night gaming as usual:

7:00pm gather in #counterstrike on netgoth.org.uk irc
7:10pm graham gets called away for dinner/tries to eat round his
7:30pm everyone is actually ready to play
8:00pm Drunken pixel related-violence ensues

Hope to see you there
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