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Okay I've converted the site over to CSS rather than frames and altered the style slightly. I'm quite pleased with the way it looks and works atm. You can look at it here: http://pandemonium.reflections.org.uk. Let me know if it's broken in any browsers and I'll see what I can do to fix it.

The old site is here http://pandemonium.reflections.org.uk/oldpanda/

If anyone would like to tell me how to establish a secure members area without having to use funky sql or anything I'd be much appreciative. Essentially I want a password proctected, secure area of the site which has a post form for members ICQ, email etc and a resources page which has other secure information (address of our teamspeak server with password for a start).

(note for deliberateblank and grahamb this doesn't mean I've given up on the Sql/php thing, I'm still considering it as an end result for pandemonium).
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